Bite Size Gift! 
$10/each OR $18 for two 


This ceramic ramekin, featuring various holiday inspired images, is packed with 6 mini cupcakes of your flavor choice. After the sweet treats are all gone it is perfect for single servings of desserts, side dishes, dips and more.  Ramekin is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.


-You can substitute the mini cupcakes for cakeballs or rainbow cookies.



Shot Cupcakes & Stawberries!


Delicious cupcakes or chocolate covered strawberries with a twist...a shot of your choice which you can inject into your cupcake/strawberry or straight into your mouth! Perfect for the upcoming holidays or any adult function such as office parties or your VIP section!




Pie Specials!


-Pies - $20.00 each





Hey Everyone, check out my current specials & promotions below! Enjoy!




-1 dozen cupcakes- $20.00
-1 dozen cake pops- $20.00
-1 dozen chocolate covered Oreos/Pretzels- $15.00
-1 dozen Holiday cookies- $20.00
-1 dozen rainbow cookies- $20.00
-Cheesecake - 8" $40.00 
-Pies: Apple, Pumpkin, or Pecan pies - $20.00***
-Ramekins -  2 for $18.00
        ***Customize your very own reusable ramekin gift set.